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Finish Power Up Dishwashing Booster Review

We have hard water. And if you have hard water, you know how important it is to find the right automatic dishwasher detergent. It drives me crazy, since no matter what I seem to do, glassware comes out of the dishwasher cloudy. In my pursuit of the perfect load of dishes, I decided to grab a container of Finish Power Up Dishwashing Booster at my local store. It promised to be an all-in-one that eliminates much of the need for a separate rinse aid, booster, or dishwasher cleaner. I was willing to try anything especially if it could replace 3 other products with one item.

Finish Power Up Rinse Aid, Dishwasher Booster Agent, 14 Ounce (Pack of 3)
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Finish Power Up Rinse Aid, Dishwasher Booster Agent, 14 Ounce (Pack of 3)
  • Fights Spots and Residue
  • Removes Hard Water Film
  • Tackles Tough Bleachable Stains such as Tea Stains
  • Intensive Machine Cleaning to Fight Dishwasher Build Up - Cleans Mineral Build-Up

Finish Power Up Booster Agent: Overview

Finish Dishwasher Booster comes in a 14 oz. pink bottle.

Inside are tiny white granules that have a lemon scent. To use the product, Finish recommends that after loading the dishwasher, you fill a prewash chamber with the booster and then add an equal amount to the bottom of your machine. If you don't have a prewash chamber, then you can add 2 tablespoons of the product directly to the bottom of the machine. Next you add your regular dishwasher detergent and run the cycle normally.

The promise is that this product counteracts the hard water that causes a film on your glassware and spots and residue left on pots and pans. It also promises to remove tough tea and coffee stains from dishes. And to top it all off, it promises to reduce and remove dishwasher build-up reducing the need to clean the dishwasher. With all of these promises I was eager to try it out.

Finish Power Up did a great job on glassware, at least at first. The first few times I pulled glassware out of the dishwasher, my jaw fell open in shock. I could see through them, they were so clean and clear.

After many loads, I started to notice that some of my nicer glassware pieces were becoming a little scratched and pitted. It's always a balance between being tough enough to remove grime and so tough that items can become damaged. If you have a lot of dishes you aren't really concerned about, you won't mind this. But if you have nice stemware pieces, you might not want to wash them in the dishwasher with this booster. I felt like my results were best when I also used a rinse agent, so the product doesn't fully remove the need for that.

I definitely noticed a boost in cleaning power and lack of residue especially on my pots and pans. They came out clean and without any film on them.This is a big deal to me since I hate feeling the need to rinse my dishes after they come out of the dishwasher.

I had a friend test out the product with some mugs that had become dingy from tea and coffee stains. She loved the results and said they were very dramatic.

I thought the dishwasher buildup results were mixed. I saw a slight improvement after a few loads. But when I ran a load with no dishes, the results were a lot better.

Finish Power Up Detergent Dishwasher Booster: Pros

It does what it says it can do. This is a powerful cleaner that will remove cloudiness from glassware, help remove burned and stuck food from pots and pans, remove tough stains, and keep your dishwasher clean. The 14 oz. bottle will last through many loads of dishes.

Finish Power Up Detergent Dishwasher Booster: Cons

This product is an extra item to add to your cleaning routine. If you want the best results you'll need to use a great automatic dishwasher detergent, a good rinse aid, and this booster to get it. This gets expensive quickly.

Sometimes the results were a little harsh. Those with nice glassware or items that are painted glass will not want to use this booster.

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